Girls in Galle


My girls and I have been planning on a road trip since like forever. After days and days of planning finally we managed to fix a date for our trip to Galle.

We set out in our vehicle from Mathugama. As usualI was the driver. We entered the expressway from Dodangoda interchange. Even with my tiny vehicle going at a maximum speed of 85kmph we reached Galle after one and half hours of journey. Finally we were ready to explore Galle.

Galle is a major city in Southern part of Sri Lanka. With its colonial architecture and Cultural grandeur Galle Fort is the main attraction in Galle. Galle fort was 1st built by the Portuguese when they invaded coastal area of Sri Lanka. Later on the fort was captured by the Dutch. Today we can see building which belong to both Portuguese and Dutch era inside Galle Fort.

As soon as you enter Galle fort you can find some parking spots nearby, we decided to park the vehicle and roam about. We set out in the direction of the Galle fort museum but little did we remember that it was a Poya holiday in Sri Lanka. Guys make sure that you check out the Poya holidays in Sri Lanka before you visit places like museums because most of the public places and shops tend to be closed on Poya holidays.

So we passed the museum and walked on random roads inside fort exploring and admiring the buildings. The first building we came across was Dutch reformed church from 16th Century. There is a graveyard along with the church with tombstones from the same era. Next to the Dutch reformed church was the all saints’ church which was being renovated. Therefore we could not go inside the church premises. While walking forward we came across the Galle Fort Library which was also closed due to public holiday but if you are a book lover it seemed like a good place to go and get buried in books.

I must say the Galle fort is a photographer’s paradise. We came across many couples who were shooting there couples photographs inside the fort. Apart from couples shoots a lot of travel photographers were there who were photographing the Portuguese and Dutch era Architecture around fort.

We continued our walk towards the old lighthouse. Which also belongs to the 16th century. After passing the lighthouse we walked on the ramparts towards admiring the view. There are small benches along the ramparts where you can sit and relax looking at the endless ocean.

After a never ending photo session we walked towards one of the bastians. You are lucky if you come across a cliff diver along the way. But do not try it yourself unless you are a professional.

After some time we were feeling hungry with all the walking. So we head out to the inner part of the fort searching for a place to eat. We came across this small café called Paddington Café along the Paddington road. From the outside it looked perfect to hang out with friends while sipping a cup of coffee. The place was packed with customers, so we decided to try a different place. A minute by tuk tuk was a place we wanted to try because of its great reviews. So we went searching for it.

A minute by tuk tuk is a restaurant/pub in the renovated Dutch hospital Shopping Complex. There is also a Japanese restaurant in this complex. However we climbed the stairs to reach the 1st floor searching for A minute by tuk tuk. It is a small place with a verandah facing the sea. We decided to sit outside and let the sea breeze cool us.

The menu was quite interesting with combinations of local language and English to describe each item. We ordered a pasta, a burger and a wrap for lunch along with strawberry iced tea, and two mojitos. I’m not going to write about the food quality here, but I would give 3.5 out of 5 for the food if you ask me.

After lunch we continued to stroll around the fort. The place we have been eyeing from the morning was the clock tower. This clock tower is one of the most picturesque monuments inside the fort. We were silly enough to not notice the clock tower which is at the entrance of the fort and we went around searching for it. When we eyed it from afar and came nearer to see that it is right next to the place where we parked our car.

As expected we continued our photo mania near the clock tower and probably scared one or two people away with our hysterical laughing. By the way when you are visiting Galle if there is a cricket match at Galle International Cricket Stadium you could watch the match free of charge from Galle fort. The whole of the cricket stadium is in sight when you climb near the clock tower. As it was getting late and gloomy we decided to head straight to our hotel next.

Our hotel was in Unawatuna. Unawatuna is just at the outskirts of Galle. We drove to our hotel and had a change of clothes and came out to have a look at the famous Unawatuna beach. The day was gloomy and it was drizzling so without staying out much we head back to the hotel. Early next day morning we decided to go for a morning walk at the beach. It was the most calming experience I had during this whole vacation. Unawatuna beach in the morning is pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately we couldn’t linger much because we had to go back home.

We had breakfast from hotel and packed our baggage to go home. On the way to highway we saw this cute little coffee place called Kat’s Coffee and decided to stop by. It was run by a foreigner and she had coconut crumble cake as her special for the day. So we tried the cake while sipping coffee. I would suggest this place to anyone who is going to unawatuna as a place to go and relax with a book in the evening.

Finally we set out to get back home. Our little adventure in Galle was over, though it was sad to leave Galle we drove back to Colombo hoping to come back again soon.

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